• Body Image & Eating Disorders

    I offer therapy for eating disorders, having specialised in this area since 2008. I completed my doctoral research (PhD) specifically in eating disorders at Kings College London and I have published many academic papers in the area, as well as in neuropsychology.


    The Micheal Rutter Centre at the Maudsley Hospital is one of the leading specialist centres catering for children and adolescents suffering with eating disorders. During my time working there as a Clinical Psychologists I developed skills in cognitive behavioural therapy for eating disorders, body dysmorphia and family therapy for eating disorders.


    I offer therapy in the specialised area for both adults and young people with their families to bring about meaningful change and recovery. I offer a sensitive and non judgemental approach that works at a pace which is comfortable to you.


    Therapy in each case can be tailored according to the client’s context and I use resources that are meaningful and relevant. The aim however will always be to understand body image problems and to ease eating disorder difficulties - leading to a life that prioritises positive growth and an identity that is meaningful and important to the individual. A specific interest is the influence of culture and gender identity.


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